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 USS Razorback Association


Welcome to the USS Razorback Association new website:  Please feel free to contact me with any updates, suggestions or corrections to the site, I'm always open to new ideas.  I hope that this site will be to everyone's liking.

I have added a new picture to the Ancient History page of Ernie LaChapelle, courtesy of his son J.T.   I have some others, just not sure where to add them.  I have also added some pictures to the Ancient History page at the bottom of the page.  Please be sure to take a look.  If anyone attended the last work party held in April 2016, and has any photos they would like to share, please send them to me, either by email, or by snail mail.  Thanks.

The annual work party was a big success!  Lots of work was completed. Any one that attended and took pictures, please send me copies so they can be added to the mix.  Thanks.

The next reunion is being held in North Little Rock.  Be sure to check out the Lobo newsletters for Spring and July 2017 for more details.