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         Razorback Association membership info


The Association charges an annual fee to cover costs of repairs to the USS Razorback, the quarterly newsletter and other operational expenses.  To join, fill out this application and send it along with your check or money order in the amount of $20.00, made payable to the USS Razorback Association.  Mail to:  Wayne Hildebrand, Treasurer, P O Box 125, Vida, OR 97488-9125  Dues are due and payable by December 31 for the following year.

Name:  ______________________________________________________ 

Spouse (or NOK): ______________________________________________ 

Address:  ___________________________________________________________________


Years on Razorback:  19_____  to 19______

Highest Rank/Rate on Razorback:_______________________________

Qual Boat Hull Number:____________________  Qual Year:  _________________

Home Phone: _______________________________

Cell Phone:  ________________________________

email: ______________________________________

Date of Birth:  ________________________________

Home Town:  ________________________________

If you would like to see a list of the paid up members, Please check out the LOBO Newsletter for Aug 2014 on the LOBO Newsletterpage of this web site.  For other Staff contact info, please check out the USS RAZORBACK ASSOCIATION page on this web site.